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Psychoeducational Evaluation

Entrusting a provider with your child’s care is something that no parent takes lightly. My goals during this process are to help you feel at ease, ensure you understand what the evaluation entails, make your child feel comfortable, and provide the results in a way that helps you and your child better understand both their strengths and challenges and how to move forward to obtain support that will facilitate their success in school.


The first step of the process is the parent consultation. In this meeting, I will learn more about your needs, and we will determine whether an evaluation is a good fit for you. When the answer is yes, we will schedule a parent meeting so that I can learn more about your child’s history and what brought you to seek an evaluation.


I will take the information from our conversations and any materials you have shared with me and create a personalized testing plan for your child based on his/her/their needs, which I will share with you. Testing may involve cognitive, academic, and neuropsychological tests, as well as questionnaires that you, your child, and perhaps your child’s teacher will be asked to complete. This plan is a starting point for my work with your child and may be further tailored as testing progresses and strengths and vulnerabilities come to light. I want testing to be a positive experience for your child. They will receive a lot of positive feedback, encouragement, and reassurance. We will take breaks (as many as they need!) that will include whatever activity they need to recharge- whether it is a snack, a game, quiet time, or conversation. 


Once testing is completed, I will take all of the information I have gathered, analyze it, and compile it into a thorough and detailed report. We will meet in person to discuss the results and ensure you understand them, and I will answer all of your questions and give you a copy of the report. If questions come up after our meeting, you can always give me a call to discuss.

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