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Hello, I'm Dr. Edwards

Cornell University

Bachelor of Science

Human Biology, Health and Society

Columbia University

Doctor of Philosophy

School Psychology

I would love to share a bit about me and my background. I received my bachelor of science degree from Cornell University, followed by my graduate studies in the School Psychology program at Teachers College, Columbia University, an APA accredited program where I earned my Ph.D. I trained in a variety of settings, including a public school, a charter school, a special education school, outpatient clinics, and an inpatient hospital. Subsequent to receiving my doctorate, I worked as a psychologist at an outpatient clinic serving people with developmental disabilities and their families. Here I had the opportunity to provide psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults, along with their families, as well as help clients and their families gain access to a wealth of services through psychological evaluations. Assessment ended up being a large component of my responsibilities at this clinic, and my passion for helping students understand their learning styles and make sense of their learning difficulties was solidified. I began my private practice consulting within a clinic that provided psychoeducational evaluations investigating cognitive, academic, social-emotional, and attentional functioning. Here I conducted comprehensive evaluations for elementary to college-aged students with an array of concerns and worked with parents to help them understand their child’s functioning and how to move forward with the recommendations we provided. Most recently, I was Director of Psychology at a company providing remote psychoeducational evaluations. There I was in responsible for clinical quality, overseeing the work of over 70 psychologists performing our evaluations. 

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